“Over the course of Ms. Schultz's performance, the Iraqi refugee population of New York City increased virtually by something like 10%, as she brought stories of urban refugee life into the spare rehearsal room...Ms. Schultz transformed herself...”
The New York Times

"Under Sarah Cameron Sunde's perceptive direction, Schultz gains our sympathies for a people who many people automatically suspect are our enemies. That alone is no small achievement."
The Star Ledger

"How can one person summarize so much pain, pride trauma, love and suffering like an Iraqi refugee while she is, in fact, not an Iraqi refugee herself? As a refugee myself, I gave up to the fact, that no one can hold the complexity of the crisis, it's so complicated and different. Yet I was wrong. In this event, I was captured from the first word until the end. It was brilliant."
Ibrahim, Iraqi refugee

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Back on tour 2017



A Play Written and Performed by Kim Schultz

Original NYC Production Directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde
Original Score Composed and Performed by Amikaeyla Gaston
Commissioned and Produced in NYC by Intersections International


No Place Called Home is an unexpected story—a story about an American woman and an Iraqi man, a story about one refugee out of millions, a story that isn’t supposed to be a love story. 


The play was developed after I traveled in 2009 as part of an artist delegation to Jordan, Lebanon and Syria with the New York Based NGO, Intersections International. We interviewed hundreds of Iraqis, heard their stories, and shared them with an American audience in hopes of awareness and change. No Place Called Home premiered off-broadway in 2010, followed by a national tour at regional theaters and universities, including a final stop at The John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as part of "World Refugee Day" with UNHCR. Best-selling author Khaled Hosseini introduced the play.

The world landscape has certainly changed since 2009, but what hasn't changed is the dire situation of refugees worldwide. In fact it has worsened. And with all the current anti-refugee and anti-Muslim rhetoric, there is an even more urgent need to tell these stories, to help humanize the humans, to tell the stories that aren't being told.

Please contact me for bookings and fees and more information.

(No Place Called Home was developed through a reading at the Lark Play Development Center in NYC, a Residency at Groton School in Massachusetts and with support from Illusion Theatre in Minnesota. The New York run of No Place Called Home was produced by Intersections International, Parlagreco Productions, in collaboration with Aaron Louis and 3-legged Dog, the cell, Mile Square Theatre and Wild Project in New York City October 2010.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Fans of No Place Called Home! Get ready! A new memoir, the extended version!


is available now on Amazon and through Palewell Press

THREE DAYS IN DAMASCUS is a memoir about Kim's 3-year fight for the man she loved through a war, refugee crisis and even an arranged marriage.

With roughly 65 million refugees worldwide including approximately five million Iraqis displaced from their homes since the U.S. led invasion, this urgent, moving and often humorous memoir examines the lives of dozens of Iraqi refugees, including one named Omar, trying desperately to survive in a world blind to their plight.

Breaking assumptions, stereotypes and expectations, the author fights for Omar in a whirlwind Middle Eastern romance and subsequent three-year intercontinental, internet relationship in the shadow of a revolution.