“Over the course of Ms. Schultz's performance, the Iraqi refugee population of New York City increased virtually by something like 10%, as she brought stories of urban refugee life into the spare rehearsal room...Ms. Schultz transformed herself...”
The New York Times

"Under Sarah Cameron Sunde's perceptive direction, Schultz gains our sympathies for a people who many people automatically suspect are our enemies. That alone is no small achievement."
The Star Ledger

"How can one person summarize so much pain, pride trauma, love and suffering like an Iraqi refugee while she is, in fact, not an Iraqi refugee herself? As a refugee myself, I gave up to the fact, that no one can hold the complexity of the crisis, it's so complicated and different. Yet I was wrong. In this event, I was captured from the first word until the end. It was brilliant."
Ibrahim, Iraqi refugee

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Supplementary WORKSHOPS Offered

Refugee for a Day
3 hours
Students work with the playwright/performer on learning what it is to live as refugee. Activities include a slide show and background on crisis, warm-up improvisational activities for group bonding and listening, and refugee experiential story work through real refugee monologues. Each student will have a chance to choose and perform an excerpt of an actual Iraqi refugee, giving them a further, literal opportunity to experience refugee life. This workshop can also be focused on acting skills as well, if theatre students are involved. Students will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of the Iraqi refugee crisis, a better idea of what it is like to be a refugee and hopefully the empathy and inspiration to take steps to help.

[Full day workshop also available, ending in student performance of monologues with discussion following.]

Creating a Solo Show
6 hours
Workshop designed for theatre students on the art of creating a solo show. Students will engage with the playwright/performer on the challenges and joys of the form, working on their writing/performing skills, defining their voice and walking with first steps taken on a solo show. Excerpts of Ms. Schultz’s current solo show will be read and discussed for form, content and voice.

Improvisational Acting
2 hours
Play in the world of improvisation! Make it up as you go along! By working the improv skills of listening, moment to moment living, organic listening, bravery, teamwork and play, through exercises, games and scenes, students will walk away with skills useful both on and off the stage.

Arts as Activism
2 hours
This lecture/discussion features playwright/performer Kim Schultz as she shares her journey into the world of using arts as activism. Through pieces of her play, slides, historical examples and personal reflection, we learn how and why arts has always been and is the perfect way to create change on an issue, as we journey through the Iraqi refugee crisis, as an example. Then students will brainstorm and identify their own passion issues and through activites, both individual and group, come up with potential arts projects to make a difference in their school, community or world.

additional sessions available...